EGO salon is an essential and elegant environment, where customers are the protagonists.

The highly qualified and professional staff is able to offer an accurate and punctual service, using high level instruments in respect of the regulations and the environment.

The area dedicated to the well-being of the wash is extremely relaxing, thanks to the reclining seats with integrated massage, for a delicate chromotherapy able to relax the mind and rebalance the energy.


Shampoo with keratinous micro plant proteins and conditioner

It gives the hair shine and body without weighing it down.

Deep capillary reconstruction

It gives the hair intense nourishment and a 56% reduction in breakage. 

Hair will be softer and silkier.

Molecular regeneration Olaplex

The Olaplex treatment rebuilds the structure of the hair from within, the most correct definition being that of a disulphide bridge reconnector. It rebuilds and repairs hair badly damaged by chemical treatments and thermal stress.



The brush can be round or flat depending on the desired result, but it is not the only ally for shaping hair. Straighteners and irons can create waves or perfect straightness. Whether it’s long hair, half-lengths or bobs, there are styles to suit everyone.


After a careful consultation based on the client’s hair type, face shape and style, our cuts will be made, enhancing naturalness and harmony.

Keratin anti-frizz treatment

Treatment based on Cashmere, Collagen and Cocoa Butter. With a disciplining action, it eliminates frizz while regenerating the quality of the hair, enhancing its softness and shine when styled at home. Clients can dry their hair either curly (if they have curly hair) or straight using their hands only.

Colour retouching/rooting

A mixture of colour is applied to the first/second centimetre of regrowth, bringing pigments into the hair. It can provide coverage for grey hair or a change of look! Blends can be oil, gel or cream.


Semi-permanent, ammonia-free colouring, it contrasts or intensifies highlights and enhances natural colour without re-growth. It revives the colour without radically changing it, it makes the hair very shiny, also ideal for camouflaging the first grey hair.


  • Balayage:

    a hair-lightening technique that allows you to obtain lighter highlights on the ends, reminiscent of summer lightening typical of days spent at the seaside, giving a “sun-kissed hair” effect. Balayage technique lightens the hair naturally without detaching it from the base colour. It not only gives the hair a three-dimensional look but also enhances and brightens the face. It is a lightening technique suitable for both blonde and dark hair.

  • Shatush:
    it can be applied to any hair type, from light to dark, smooth to curly, and the effect will be luminous and natural. Shades of brown, caramel, copper, red, golden blonde and platinum blonde can be obtained. The lightening will start off quite far away from the hairline, so you don’t have to go back for a touch-up every month.

  • Colpi di sole:

    partial colouring technique which allows you to lighten (or darken) only certain locks. They are ideal for those who want to give movement to both colour and cut by recreating light and iridescent reflections, giving dimension to the face and modernising your look. With this technique, regrowth is less noticeable; moreover, highlights create highlights in the hair, accentuating the volume and almost perfectly masking the first grey hairs.



A long-lasting (permanent) treatment to make hair curly, wavy and voluminous. The hair is wound in strands around a set of curlers, the size of which varies according to the desired final effect.


Glamorous, romantic, rock, wild… our hairstyles will suit every special event!


Extension with natural hair strands carried out with hot keratin.

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