About us

The EGO team is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of quality: aware that everyone has their own style, we strive every day to fulfil every beauty request.

Each client is unique, has his or her own time, taste, budget and expectations. We offer careful and dedicated advice in search of the most suitable style for each client.

Among all the services we offer, we mainly take care of skin and hair care, cutting, colouring, lightening and extensions.

The team


Sicilian by birth but Roman by adoption, Mariella is the owner of the EGO Parrucchieri Roma salon.

Since she was a little girl, she has always loved beauty in all its expressions and the emotion it can give to be able to interpret and realise an idea.

When Mariella arrived in Rome at a young age, she started working for the most famous hairdressers in Piazza di Spagna. After gaining experience in the most important events in the city, she decided to increase her knowledge by starting to work in many salons.

Finally, in 2019, Mariella decided to put myself to the test and open her own salon.


Young, ambitious and sunny, between courses and experiences, Chiara is able to transform her skills into ‘art’. Her creative spirit is thus able to be released by taking care of people and their wishes.

The salon

The salon is located in Via Appia Nuova 274, one of the most beautiful and dynamic areas of the city, close to two metro stations, it attracts a diverse and international public, which stimulates and enriches our creativity.

Here the real protagonists are the clients, who are welcomed and pampered, always trying to satisfy any problem or desire they may have, offering them products and services with the right quality/price ratio.

To open her first salon, Mariella chose a place that was a witness to faith, defined at the time by the Vatican as ‘the Roman Patagonia’.

With the support of the interior designer, the beauty of the nineteenth-century walls and ceilings has been maximised, creating a sober and essential environment, clean and fragrant.

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